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who cares if it's live. we've talked about the dangers of live television before. the young journalist who is waiting at the printer when she realizes the camera is on her. >> students can register for the lottery starting tomorrow and registration is open until friday. the uaa will notify the winners of the lotty by monday, december 15th and vouchers can then be picked up from tuesday through thursday. now student with more than 90 credit hours can get tickets. everyone else is allowed to sign up. then we have the old newsroom adage of picking your stories very carefully. >> it's also important that you try to keep the bed bugs out of your home. the best way when you stay in a hotel. you might want to use a plastic bag like this one. >> just keep on picking. >> those are people in the background. the news anchor himself or herself should always, i repeat always be aware of the camera. >> what?
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what? that hurt. a gentle reminder to all of us in the news business, when the light goes on you are live in the air and the light is always on on the ridiculist. what? that does it for us. we'll see you again one hour for now. another edition of "360." another edition of "360." piers morgan starts now. -- captions by vitac -- the doctor is in. an extraordinary hour with dr. oz. >> when i look around this country and i see people with big bellies, i see people who can't cope with stress. >> taking your questions and taking on the health issues that really matter. >> the number one under appreciated health problem in america is sleep issues. >> crisis facing america. >> french fries themselves are the single worst food in the u.s. diet. >> dangerous flu bug. >> this flu season looks like it might be the worst in ten years. >> stress, sleep, sex and the secret for long and healthy life. >> so no exercise, i've drunk far too much alcohol, eaten far
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too much bad food and i feel great. >> plus, moment of truth. the results of my own 15-minute dr. oz physical. >> what are you looking at? >> not yet. >> here's lewis as a friend. >> i wanted to highlight this for you, your blood pressure. >> it's high. >> it's high. how high? >> this is "piers morg"piers mo tonigh tonight"." welcome to a special episode tonight. dr. oz is here. let's get right to it. dr. oz, how are you? >> very well. >> happy new year to you. >> same to you, my friend. >> like everybody in this audience, everybody in america and everybody in the entire world, we get to january and we think, wow, i've got to sort myself out. i do anyway. you do. what is the best advice for people to get to january and think new year, new me, new start? >> well, resolutions actually do make a difference.
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it turns out that ancient ritual is still around because when you focus on what to do, you have a concrete plan and go public on it, people will hold you accountable. it's effective. the big challenge is what are the stories you're telling yourself. our brains are racing. we're beating ourselves up because we did gain a few pounds, we're not happy with what's going on in our life. we feed that. obesity top of mind on this example. >> seven out of ten americans according to the u.s. government are overweight. that's pretty frightening. >> it's frightening for a lot of reasons. as a doctor i take a band saw and open up people ae's sternum. when it's clogged with cholesterol and it's caused by overweight bellies that so many of us are carrying around, it causes big issues. it has a huge medical impact on us which of course ravages the health care system. >> what are the particular
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issues that face americans and their health? what are the things about the american diet, the way of life? whatever they may be that are particular perhaps to america? >> we have made it easy to do the wrong thing in america. we subsidize foods that aren't good. grains. i don't mind having a bun. that tricks our brain but not in the right way. our brain is really smart. they're looking for knew the trenlts, not calories. if you eat empty calories, soft drink, french fries. french fries are the single worst food. the average person eating french fries will gain three pounds a year. >> just from french fries? >> just from french fries. baked potato, that's fine. when you add sugar or salt and you fry them down, our body can't deal with that. our body says, you gave me calories but no nutrients. >> i was struck come being from europe by two things. one, incredible amount of fast
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food that you americans guzzle and secondly the amazing portions that come with almost every meal. you cannot order breakfast in america without somebody in a restaurant shoveling on potatoes, fries, without anybody asking for it. you just shovel out the food. >> we're all beginning to -- >> i mean that in a nice way. >> right. we've gotten very comfortable making those portions part of what we do. this has been looked at. you move the plate size to large which we have done. now we have 11 inch plates. that's a lot more food. we ended up visually looking that size. >> if everybody exercised portion control. literally cut the amount they ate by say 1/3, what effect does that have on the average life? >> it would dramatically change the quality of our life. it would dramatically change the u.s. health care budget.
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there is no way, i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, there is no way to balance health care budgets without making us less heavy. so when you recognize that, this is a national security crisis we're talking about. it's not a battle we're going to win in hospitals. as much as i wish i could heel with steel, the reality is we will win in our kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms. that's where the battle has to be run. that's something we have to change in our own lives to make it easier to do the right thing. >> you've been hanging out with the washington all stars. take a view with you and the first lady here. >> one of the things we've tried to do is be a source of information and education, i'm focused on childhood obesity because i know people will do
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for their kids what they're not able to do for themselves. >> is it good for america that you have a first lady and president who are obviously very physically fit themselves? >> huge benefit for the country. i think they serve as a role model. that was a very soulful interview. she spoke honestly that she feels, we all agree on this, that we are mortgaging the health of our nation on the backs of the kids. for the first time this year we are seeing a significant reduction in life expectancy. we're seeing income splits dividing the country and now we have income. >> have we moved to a world of computer games, televisions, the rest of it. my vacation was my three teenage sons. how it compared to ten years ago they were outside all the time. this time you can very barely get them off their computers.
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not as healthy. >> if it's nice outside, they should be outside. >> you try to get them outside. >> pull the computer board. that stated, this is hugely important. we are struggling in communities because we don't have sidewalks. we've made it hard for us -- most of us -- put your hands up. you actually walked to school when you were kids. >> all of us adults, 60% of my generation was roughly the same age. today less than 10%. >> if you walked as an adult for half an hour a day. i've walked here across the trails, is that enough to be fit? >> it's the perfect amount. >> i'm fit. >> i have your lab studies here. don't look at it yet.
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>> can i get he is scouted after a two week break. these are not going to be good. the beer, the turkey, then lots of rum, wine. it's going to be ghastly. >> we'll tease to that. i've seen the tests. you're sort of mr. america despite your british activity. the places where people live a long time, it's not about going to the gym, it's not about doing an arduous two-hour workout. an hour. it brings your heart rate up. so walking to work is about the best and smartest thing we could do. you don't have to do a workout at the end of the day. walk the steps when you get there. get up and go somewhere else to have lunch. i walk through the mall to automate your life.
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>> chris christie may well be a future president of the united states. he has a well-documented point here. >> i care about my weight. >> really? >> yeah. i've been struggling for a long time with it and i know that it would be better for my kid, if i got it more under control so i do feel a sense of guilt for that. >> why do you think you've had a battle with your weight? >> if i could figure it out, i'd fix it. >> he doesn't know what it is. do you have get health questions. >> sure. plenty of times? >> i eat too much. that's not a complicated thing. >> i mean, i love chris christie and i loved his honesty there. he's got amazing energy for a guy, you know, who people say is too overweight to be president. he worked through the storms. he's a man of amazing natural
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energy. >> his wife is wonderful. i know she worked with him on this. the reality is there are opportunities to lead in unique ways. by being overweight the governor has a chance of losing it. governor huckabee did this a few years ago. i this i it changed the minds of a lot of people. here's a man with a lot of competent, he has the wisdom when you ask him that key questions, so simple, right to the point, why do you do it? he doesn't know. that i think today encapsulates the problems we have in america. the reality is there are a dozen redundant biological systems that force us to be overweight. there was nothing, piers, where we wanted to lose weight. now we have a crisis because the same realities that cause us to
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be overwait a century ago are much more pref va length. that is stress. think about it. a stress event wasn't a deadline, it wasn't a paycheck. it might have been marital stress but it probably was famine. that's what caused chronic stress. the devices never turn off. constant access to information. when i look around the country and i see people with big bellies, i see people who can't cope with stress. the ability to manage stress is the number one loss of overtone right now. >> it has to be an annual thing. it's pretty virulent thing. >> i think they should have the flu shot without question. this flaw season looked like it might be the worst in ten years. it certainly is one of the earlyist raises of cases we've
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seen. the flu shot is a pretty good match. i'm a doctor and i don't want to give it to my pash enltsz, but we're okay. to me it was a pretty straightforward decision. that's something i'm going to let you give me one on television tonight. >> where can i give it to you? >> i'd rather in the arm if it's all right with you. i don't know where you're heading with this. that will be coming later. something for everyone to enjoy, me being jabbed by dr. oz. >> i want to talk to you about a very emotional trip you made to the sandy hook school and the effects when you go through a trauma like that on adults, children and it relates to the stress you just talked about.
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so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and now save 50% on the closeout of our silver limited edition bed. ends sunday. our guest now, dr. oz.
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you recently went up to sandy hook just before christmas. very emotional trip, i know, for you. you raised a number of issues, and i've debated stuff about guns and so on. there also is a huge issue there about stress and trauma. it comes out of these kind of incidents. the world's media tends to move on after a week or so. people are left there. they're going to try to rebuild their lives. you've seen lots of this. what is the best advice, if there is any, for people who get caught up in these terrible tragedies about how to somehow get back? >> well, we all, i think, crave is hope. it comes in many different forms. we all have difficult times in our lives. this is a particularly tragic event. i was up there that evening. it was so soulful to see these wonderful human beings who have been traumatized. they all knew the kids. they sat in a church singing. you could hear the whispers and desires to help each other. when you look for hope, remember, hope is not about giving good news. i'm a heart surgeon.
6:18 pm
i don't give good news always. that's not what hope is about. hope is about giving people an explanation, understanding why it happened. just making sense of things progresses the story quite a bit. i think the folks in newtown, all over the nation in the world that witnessed this are trying to make sense of this. we'll never understand the senseless act. the aspiration we have to support each other, rebuild and understand what's important in our lives. that's something i think many of us struggle with as we try to put perspective together. we just got past the holidays. for some people that's a very sad time. others it's exuberant. at its core it's about happiness. happiness is about being grateful. unpredictable, bad things sometimes happen. taking the time just to figure out how to process that, moving on. that's what we are good at as a species. >> in terms of everybody else who watches these things and gets affected too, lots of things in life have a traumatic effect on people, observing the terrible event, being involved in one, whatever.
6:19 pm
how do you deal with that particular kind of stress? really like a death in the family, a death of a close friend? even to some people death of a beloved pet? >> i can't tell you how many times we lost one couple, long married couple. soon after we'll have to operate on the husband and wife. >> literally a broken heart, does it exist? >> there is no question at all that they exist and it kills people. the ability of the heart, the pump changes. the right rhythm changes. major stress. stress comes from so many unpredictable places. it happens from divorce too. in fact, out of the ten major stressors, six are financial. they include things like divorce. so it's not whether you're going to face stress in life, it's about whether you're going to be able to weather it. that is a big take away message. every single traumatic event, like the senseless killing of so many children in newtown, it
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becomes part of our psyche. >> when you try to deal with stress, how important is physical exercise for that process? whenever i've been through a tough time i've found that forcing myself to the gym, sweating it out, you would just feel a little bit better afterwards. >> there's no question that's the anecdote to stress. that's what we've always used. we can go outside, rev our engines. the hormones that are so pent up, they'll serve as rage and hormone. it doesn't take a lot. stretching out five, ten minutes i want to show you. it's something that's used in many spots in the world. rodeola. that's siberian ginseng. you actually take the root of this plant which is available on the web and you take the rodeola root and you put it in vodka. >> now we're talking.
6:21 pm
>> you put the vodka -- >> i like you, dr. oz. i think, great. >> you put that in the freezer. when your friends come over you have this gently pinkened vodka which is to die for. rodeola is adaptive. >> love this. >> medicinal tools are adaptive. >> is it good before a live show? >> i just had some. are you telling me you've been half cut your entire career? >> i wish i could. i wish it was available. there is a survival benefit to a shot of alcohol a day. it can come in any form you want. >> the secret to longevity was more sex and more red win. >> in that order. >> kind of a point, are they legal? >> there's no question, there's
6:22 pm
a medicinal benefit. >> how about somebody with multiple sclerosis who uses it. >> we know chemically why these things hurt. the munchies happen because it turns on the chemical receptors in your brain. the overtone of a nation for good reason to be suspect of addictive substances and it has hindered us. >> it's a victim of cigarettes in my opinion. >> is it more dangerous than cigarettes? >> it has more dangers in part because when you're under the influence of cannabis your judgment is a bit more affected than it is cigarettes with regard to things like lung cancer, rapes, the like. >> but this is one of america's top most renowned doctors says it's not more dangerous than cigarettes, surely it should just be legalized? >> there are a couple of problems with cannabis.
6:23 pm
it alters how you feel about life. i am very suspect of how you feel about life to enjoy life. i won't say some to set the ball for addictions. it's completely unregulated. kids get them, they try them, they don't know what the substance is it. that's why i really do believe we ought to legalize it but only for medicinal use and then really scratch it down the illegal use of it. a state like california, they do this service to new jersey because here it's legal to use it for medicinal purposes but illegal to buy it. how can you have that scenario? i do predict that we will eventually evolve to the positions like the use of cannabis is freed up and we don't let little kids who should not be susceptible or tested
6:24 pm
with this material are hindered. >> reminds me of willie nelson. he's actually had a joint that morning bev he came out that morning. i've never met a happier guy in my life. we'll have a break. when we come back, the big moment. i took my 15-minute health test with your team before we started. i'm going to get the results when we come back after this. >> diabolical. >> really not good. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you?
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i did not call 911 and i should have. i come to find out that 50% of women while having heart attacks and suspecting they're having heart attacks do not call 911. it was the stupidest decision i ever made in my life. >> rosie o'donnell spoke with dr. oz about her heart attack. i'm back with the doctor now. i took this test before the show. i don't know why i allowed myself to do it. you had your team all over me, they were poking, prodding, pricking my fingers for blood, taking blood pressure. what were the results? how bad of shape am i in, doctor? i have to say this, a two-week
6:29 pm
vacation including a week in britain. you know how much we drink over there. >> let me comfort you by sharing with everybody that we have been going around the country doing these 15-minute physicals. despite your complaining, that's all the time it took to do. the 15-minute concept. so many people were fearful of their numbers. all the numbers i'm going to give you, it's true for all the thousands of people around the country, can change them for the better. i'm not diagnosing cancer. not diagnosing irrepairable issues. if you don't know your blood pressure, assume it's high. if you don't know your blood sugar, assume you have diabetes. it's free when we do it in these little events. it's simple enough to carry. >> get on with it. i want to hear it. >> okay. number one ager of all, your blood pressure. your body mass index is 28. it's supposed to be around 25. you want it less than 30 at the worse. i'll give you that. your waist size -- >> how bad is that, the mass
6:30 pm
index. >> that's your overweight category. i'm not worried about that. i'm more worried about your waist size. your waist size can be less than half your height. you're 6'1". >> what should my waist be? >> half of my height. >> that's 36 1/2 inches. >> it's not that. >> it's 39 inches. >> wow, shocker. piers knows this. most guys never buy a new belt after the age of 40. >> correct. >> they go like this, put the waist down like this and they wander around like this all day long, right? i've got a 32 inch waist, but you've got problems. that's the unfortunate reality. 39 inches is where you are. when you have belly fat, it does three things. the first thing it does is it irritates your liver. when your liver gets irritated it makes the wrong kind of cholesterol called lousy ldl cholesterol. your number is 495.
6:31 pm
>> how bad is that? >> ideally it would be less than 140. you're not too far off. >> i've been punishing it. this is the part that concerns me. your healthy cholesterol. it's in there, powerful, strong, grabs the cholesterol and carries it away from your blood vessels to protect you. that's supposed to be more than 45 to 50. >> what is mine? >> 37. >> how do i get more? >> the best way to do it is get it down to 36 1/2 inches. >> what are the best way to do that? >> yes. >> what's the way to do that? that's the big take away from this exam. your blood sugar. it's fine. less than 100, yours is 86. >> high five. >> round of applause. come on. >> glimmer of hope. >> just barely took him from the
6:32 pm
crevice of life. about to fall in the abyss of life. here's the reason as a friend that i want to highlight this last number for you, your blood pressure. >> it's high? >> it's high. >> how high. >> it's supposed to be ideally 115/75. ideally. yours is 147/89. >> wow, that is high. >> that's high. >> is that because i'm on the threat of being deported from america? >> could be that. it could be the knowledge of your test results we shared on air. but your blood pressure should never go that high unless you're in dire -- >> what causes that kind of thing? >> exercise. well, it's caused again because the belly fat that we have squeezes the kidneys. >> can we call it something else? make it sound a bit more -- >> the pooch you have. >> stick to belly fat. >> the protruberant belly burton.
6:33 pm
>> that pushes on the kidneys and it regulates the blood pressure. when they're being squeezed, your body jacks up the blood pressure in order to get it there. it's like a fire hydrant. it's squirting it away but as we're sitting here talking your blood pressure is scraping the lining of your arteries. you have to fix that scraped off area. what do you use? cholester cholesterol. you don't have enough of the good, you have more of the bad. it's putting plaster patches in there. >> perfect storm of hell? >> blood sugar is okay. that's broken shards of glass. you don't have that yet. you can understand why if you had that percolating, it's pretty difficult. >> right. you've taken me to the rafters. what do i have to do? none of this surprises me. what should i be doing to deal with this? >> well, the number one thing that folks ought to start doing is to automate their lives so the easy decisions are the right ones and are easier to make.
6:34 pm
for example, in the morning when you get up, you need a routine. your breakfast from now on is going to be, for example, eggs which are just fine. even with cholesterol issues, they're just fine. protein will help you lose weight. some protein within an hour of getting up. it could be yogurt with berries. some protein and nutrients. then you need a mid morning snack. a handful of nuts. something else you adore. if you don't like it, you're into the going to stay on it. lunch could be something you can deal with. salad, salmon, you don't have to think about it all day. in the afternoon, start making decisions. teas are great. you don't put a lot of cream into them. they have caffeine to stimulate your metabolism. >> i drink a lot of coffee. >> coffee is fine. most people don't have black coffee, most people have black coffee with a little bit more cream and then they put sugar in
6:35 pm
it then it becomes a chocolate bar. >> what about chocolate bars. >> encourageable. 60% coco chocolate which is not too sweet is rich in flavands is fine. >> i'm going to tackle this. i've been feeling a bit run down and you've made me feel worse. i'm going to get you back in -- how long would i need to try and really deal with this? >> you can dramatically change the numbers in six weeks. i'm going to get you back and these numbers are going to get better. your ayon. we start here. >> if i live long enough, we'll be back after the break to take questions from my audience. [ applause ] ♪ constipated? yeah. mm.
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the mucosa is the inside of your mouth. you can bite it, hurt it, cut it by mistake. you take a hard piece of poop and you push it down like this -- >> oh, my god. >> and that's what happens. >> i'd really rather have high blood pressure.
6:40 pm
nothing too personal for dr. oz. we have questions from my studio audience. that's a horrible video. now let's turn, first of all, to judy. you have a question for the doctor. >> hi, dr. oz. >> hi, judy. >> i'm 53 and in the throws of menopause. my question to you is why does it seem some women have it a lot easier and some women have such a difficult time? is it diet? is it exercise or is it just luck? >> well, it's a combination but let me if i can explain to everyone what's going on. about 1/3 of women have severe symptoms of menopause. about 1/3 of it have problems. emotional disruptions, it's hot all the time. 1/3 don't have any symptoms and don't know they're going through it. part of it is dependent on the body's fat content. you don't have much. but when the body has fat on it it releases hormones. it creates more estrogen. that's why it's a problem for men and women. men lose their libido.
6:41 pm
they convert it to estrogen. women make estrogen, make hot flashes, breast cancer. the next issue is the issues of our life. pr proguesster reason is like valium. you don't rebel against the thing growing inside of you. it lets you deal with things you shouldn't have to deal with. you'll tolerate transgressions that most people wouldn't have tolerated because you have high levels of progesterone. in the 40s progesterone levels come down. things begin to bother you. that becomes a bigger problem when you add the estrogen. the good news is if you shift from saturated fats in your diet to the healthier fats, vegetables, nuts and the like, it seems to help a bit. black kohash is effective for a
6:42 pm
lot of women. worse comes to worse, do not shy away from hormone replacement therapy. that's not i don't think a danger for women when they're entering menopause to take for a short period of time. take it with aspirin. that's where the average practitioner will agree to use the drugs. >> good advice. you have a question about pain. >> hi, dr. oz. my question is in regards to pain. i have a pre-existing shoulder injury and i notice the older that i become, the more frequent the pain is starting to appear. so my question to you is is there a preventive measure that i can use to help alleviate the pain so that long term it won't turn into arthritis? >> that's a great question. many americans must suffer from pain in some capacity, long-term pain. what is the best way to try to deal with this? >> we tackle this in the show a lot. 116 million americans with
6:43 pm
chronic pain issues. a lot of us are on pills. pills aren't the right solution. they paint over the crack in the foundation of your being. let's talk about your shoulder in two ways. first, the reality is most of our joints which have two bones involved in them aren't supposed to let the bones touch. when the muscles get weak around the joints, the bones begin to touch. that's true for knee pain, for example. when you have knee pain you begin to hobl. your muscles quickly atrophy. when you start to get better, the bones hit each other because the muscles aren't there. they suck the joint apart and prevent those bones from touching. second issue is the amount of inflammation in the body. it will increase all the pain. omega three fats are hugely effective. there are over the counter products and electricity devices. fda approved. put them on top of your shoulder, knee, back, whatever
6:44 pm
is affecting you. not very expensive. much safer than taking pills. >> good advice. let's go to david. you have a question up my alley. longevity and how to get it. >> i'm 61. i come from a long line of short-lived people and, granted, following all the rules and regulations you said before, i always feel it's a fait accompli, like genetics play a role. what's the balance between genetics and good living? >> turns out that about 2/3 of how long you live is based on your lifestyle. only 1/3 is genetics. the most genetic illnessnessill n illnesses is -- >> please. >> but they do play a small role. a lot of people get fixated on
6:45 pm
the day their parents died and what age they were at. you count the days down until you get to that moment. very natural. anybody, you're my voice, who's in good health has a good chance of living to age 100 with the vitality they desire if they take pro active steps. >> that gives me the perfect segue to you because you are unbelieve blif 101 years old. >> and a half. >> and a half. [ applause ] >> we will come back. i want to know how she got to 101. you have the answer. >> don't take that away from me. [ applause ] [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
6:49 pm
it's me, your fat pants. we've got to talk. this is my busy season and i can't take the pressure. >> hey, what about me. sucking it in is a full-time job. >> elastic can break, you know. >> oh, please. he's got it so easy, he doesn't even know. >> hey, stick with me, you can kiss them good-bye. all this january i'm getting them back in the skinny jeans. the doctor is in, fat is out. >> oh, yeah! >> skinny jeans. we're back with more questions from our studio audience. let me turn to you because we discussed before, you're 101 years old. what is the secret to long life,
6:50 pm
do you think, in terms of health? >> good diet. >> yeah. >> exercise if you can. get in bed and do it. >> do what in bed? >> exactly. >> good sex. >> i'm proud of you. >> mimi, let me ask you, have you ever smoked? >> never. never sat in the sun. >> you never smoked. never been in the sun. you keep out of the sun? >> yes. >> do you drink alcohol? >> milk. >> milk. so here we are. keep her out of the sun, no smoking, very little alcohol, and plenty of sex. what about that. >> it's obviously worked. i bet if i took mimi's blood pressure, it would be on the low side. >> stay off of blood pressure.
6:51 pm
>> go around the world and see where people live a long time, mimi's story resonates. the ability to make family. make peace with what's going on in your life and then physical activity and sex does count. that comes up over and over again. that's sort of a bar am tom ter whether you are healthy enough. >> your problem is about sleep? >> i'm 48 and since i got into my late 40s, i have started having sleep problems. i wake up at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and i can't get back to sleep. >> i wake up because of my 1-year-old daughter at 3:00 in the morning. how important is sleep? how many hours can you get? if you can't get enough, what can you do about it? >> the number one appreciated problem in america is lack of
6:52 pm
sleep. >> i can blame my 1-year-old daughter. >> assess, blame and condemn. sleep issue, you mention you are awake in the middle of the night. anxiety can cause it. we need to go to the bathroom. the mistake a lot of folks make is they turn the lights on. as soon as you see bright, white light, you turn off mel atony and you are awakened. go back to sleep in an effortless fashion. >> technology here. we are in an era of blackberrys and mobiles and computers and so on. how does that effect people's sleep? i have a feeling it affects mine. you are on them all day long. it can't help you sleep. >> it completely disrupts sleep patterns. for one very important reason. our ancestors would see the sun set and because the sun's rays
6:53 pm
were getting longer, it would turn on the sleep mechanism primarily driven by melatonin. it keeps you up and that bright light won't let you stimulate the same hormones and you won't go to sleep. same thing happens if you wake up in the middle of the night. i tell my patience, half an hour before bedtime, use the lights that don't have bright, white elements or turn the lights down and start looking at bright screens. in that half hour period, you will feel drowsy. a good time to tell the kids bedtime stories. how many have told their kids bedtime stories and they fall asleep while you are they willing them? you can tell them parables, lessons that they can use in their lives. the best bonding technique. i have four kids. when we come back, i'm going to get my flu shot from this
6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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6:57 pm
right now, my special guest, dr. oz, as you can see, i have been taking my clothes off, not just for mimi's benefit.
6:58 pm
i am about to have my first-ever flu shot. the myth about these, and i'm told it is a myth, is that you can actually get flu or flulike symptoms simply by having the shot. is that true? >> you cannot get the flu from the flu shot. the material is dead flu virus. it cannot cause a problem for you. it was based on whatever virus was present in southeast asia a few months ago. >> so that's a myth? >> that's a myth. >> this is literally the biggest needle i can find. >> please give me a muscle. >> okay. >> that's it. >> one, two, three. >> oh. >> it's not even bleeding. no blood even. [ applause ] >> it's like a dull ache.
6:59 pm
it doesn't really hurt. >> it is about the size of amos keto bite. >> should children have them? >> it is recommended after the age of six months we give it it our kids. it is much more valuable when they are really young or really old. it is particularly the older folks that will get the flu. they have heart attacks and all kinds of complications related to it. it is one of those smart things. this is an event that i think can be beneficial with very low side effects. we have 130 million of these little vials out there waiting to help people. >> the same with ellis island. to all americans, tell us why you took your show there. >> ellis island was iconic, because it was a place we got a second start. a lot of americans think their best years are behind them. they are not sure the future is as bright as it was when we were kids. we have a wonderful series of reasons to be helpful and supportive of each other. i have to i sa, it

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